Towers, Undone!

Leila Naghdipari

A Review on the Installation Exhibition

Amir Mobed’s recent installation which is in succession with his preceding works, presented artworks with such outstanding features in Iran museum of contemporary arts. Forms are the first things about his works regarding him being a sculptor in the first place, and his minimalist viewpoint which does not provide specific details on the second. Concepts come to us in an altogether volume. Applying metal matter is another significant feature which could be useful. Because installation does not have much of a history in our country, it is hard to understand the mental perceptions regarding different understanding each person might have from a concept or a form of an object. And criticising it therefore would be hard. Because form is the main idea the artist seek in art, when the forms tend to multiply and face the audience in an installation, the posterior side comes to consideration: the concepts inside.
Regarding Amir Mobed’s recent exhibition, and aside from the mushrooms, I realised that achieving the form is a priority for him. However, he would consider the possible concepts when the forms are then installed and exposed to the public. This is rare among the artists and another bold feature in my point of view. Most of the artists I know tend to prove a concept with their installations which makes the audience understand their artworks through the first impression.
His works at Laleh gallery is a collection of formalistic metal sculptures made of rusty iron and (metal) wires. They remind me of the unfinished towers or the skeleton from the incomplete buildings representing the artist’s attitude towards instability.
The volumes enjoy appropriate formal characteristics each. The lines and planes prove to be authentically applied regarding the space and the concept in rhythm and make relevant compositions in the space. The rusty iron planes has also presented a fashionable texture which is impressive in boosting the general concept of the work. Rhythm and the composition were both considered as I participated the exhibition. While observing the gallery, I considered the collection in a holistic harmony, readily viewed from the corner point of view. However, the sculptures are set fit to the walls which makes it almost impossible to study or walk through them.
Such situation could involve the audience in, as a part of the artwork and confront them with a torrent of ideas and concepts.
The gallery and its space of course could have improved the installation at some level. The lighting unfortunately could not fulfil the perspective and/or specify the dimensions appropriately due to the expensive projectors and lack of utilities. Poor lighting resulted in lack of concentration and hence the audience could not follow them thoughtfully. We could say that was a fair installation provided that the sculptures were appropriately distanced from the wall along with a suitable lighting.

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