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Negar Yaghmaeian
Pegah Abdollahi


Mahbobeh Gholami
Hossein Hemmati
Rasoul Kazemi

Special thanks to

Hamid Shansi
Mehdi Sanati

The Flaw of Creation

To create, is to build and to build is to create! It results in the appearance and existence of a thing. Human has always been searching for the truth of the origin of creation. Through the truth he discovers, he too might be able to create another world.

Mobed’s collection; “The Creation”, is built to discover the origin of creation and its process. Creation of a world initiated with Seven Beauties (Haft Peykar) and ultimated by Marvels of Creatures (Ajaib-al-Makhluqat). Seven figures, with strong and ideal bodies yet full of flaws! A form of specific limbs of different animals who are supposed to be something beyond humans and other creatures. A super extraordinary creature, existed prior to, and will remain after, the creation of this world. 

The figures look like ancient sculptures of gods who had the power and glory of different creatures altogether which is a symbol of eternal existence in the Ideal world. Gods who had the will to create the world and observe and command to end it. Gods and Goddesses who have more power and wings to fly over the earthly world to the kingdom of heaven.

Mobed’s god-like creatures are already trapped in this world; before they are evolved. An angel with delicate legs and wings grown from her hips with her imperfect hands like the Venus of Milo. Two lower body parts with an incomplete Neanderthal in the middle; like a falling foetus. The man and woman who, in the circle of cosmos, are doomed to be after each other and yet don’t reach each other perhaps because each one continues the other. As if the circle is created and proudly presented by an imperfect omniscient. Many of the sculptures don’t have a clear sexuality and even some are androgynous, just like many gods in ancient mythology. They are pregnant bodies, manifesting their flaw-full creation through their all-time birth giving. Though all are helpless they cannot do anything about their creation and even its end. That is how such imperfect un-gods have descended to our earth in the form of iron and stone, and now trapped in the stone with their backs unstraight, and their stomachs swollen, without the power to grab a stand, useless than before.  

Zarvan Rouhbakhshan

Translated by Narges Marandi

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 82 × 46 × 23 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 114 × 47 × 28 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 73 × 45 × 40 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 82 × 67 × 55 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 47 × 62 × 50 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 71 × 50 × 31 cm

Bronze, Patina, Stone base, Size: 55 × 104 × 67 cm

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