A Field, Filled by Us!

November 18th, 2011

Aseman weekly, No. 93

Vahid Sharifian

We actually did not wake up at five O’clock. We knew we were going to attend an artistic performance when there is a hanging rope on Amir Mobed’s neck, standing on an ice cube that might melt and he would therefore be executed. His recent performance revealed audience’s pretentious feelings more than revealing the violation and execution manifested in the society.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective; Amir Mobed was actually committing suicide. Or to make it more real; we are crossing the street and someone is trying to commit suicide, jumping off a building. Many would be excited and would want to know what would happen in the end. We are aware of the fact that this is a live artistic performance with four bodyguards and his neck ultimately might break.

Amir Mobed’s performance reminds us of how much we are controlled by our emotional rush and how much dishonest we are in expressing our feelings. It is actually the rush and not the performance and its content that impresses us. In other words, it was Amir Mobed on ice that impressed the audience and not the impressive content of his performance. Some I believe thought they have to show off so they would not be judged as they were in Mobed’s previous performance; “Come Caress Me!”

The audience were impressed in the same way they are impressed watching a soap opera. Like the last scene of “Good, Bad, Ugly”. Whether the stones slip under Tuco’s feet? Yet we watch a live performance this time and because we claim to be intellectuals, we must show that we are impressed. This performance turned the usual excitements into entertainment. The most fake behaviour belonged to the guards because they knew about the whole thing. It feels as if we are getting experienced in our fake expressions and emotional. 

Mobed’s climbing down with the rope particularly felt fake when the guards and some audience’s facial expression altered. People who were thinking about saving Mobed, those who did not allow others to see and swore at them, all reminded me of the fact that we could even be dictators even in our humanitarianism. Not far expected and since some of us are push overs, we might even sacrifice each other for saving a human so that we would become a hero. I personally believe that Amir Mobed’s frank performance, aside from the intellectual, has created a sphere of consciousness in which the three popular characters of “Sergio Leono” are revealed and are at the same time without any adoration, disapproval or infidelity. 

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