It’s ok…

November 18th, 2011

Aseman weekly, No. 93

Amirali Ghasemi

People are greeting and they seem to have a nice time at the gallery. New faces are everywhere and I would rather not call them the to-be artists.

Something familiar in this atmosphere reminds me of Mahmoud Bakhshi and Shahab Fotouhi’s “Employ” performance before the “show” begins. People are still smiling when the doors start to open. We enter the yard. I go to the end of the yard while the security guard monsters and people are gathered at both sides of the subject. I wait at the café, on the cube attached to the wall watching the glue box. One of the assistants tries to clean his hand and he does not want me to see that. 

A fake tension is going to happen along with loud cries of those who intentionally play their roles awfully and/or those who just go with the flow. Still, the story goes on painfully slow. It does not tear the nightly garment apart. It simply reminds me of Tom & Jerry series! I would have had a cigarette if I were a smoker, trying to follow by listening while I turned my back to the crowd. As if I have no choice but to hear the news from the radio in a taxi or even hear a repeated, simplified night story on the way back home. 

– “What are you guys watching?” Someone, a young girl, cries. Well, she is right. I follow her words as if I was awakened; so I would not be a part of the “show”. A scream drew the ambulance officer’s attention while I was stepping out. “It is ok” he said. 

It was nothing in the first place. I started thinking to myself, such Friday evening “show”s used to entertain people on TVs decades ago while they were at home yet such ceremonies keep the artists in the galleries.

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