I disobeyed!

November 18th, 2011

Aseman weekly, No. 93

Barbad Golshiri

I am aware that many would complain that “Filed” was not a reflection of the reality. It obviously wasn’t; It was not either an absolute execution, or a suicide. Should there was an executioner, that was the artist himself. Instead of a stool, the red ice cube under his feet was melting so that his throat was pressed and his neck was being stretched. Still, “Field” is closely connected to the world which is parallel with the art mechanisms. “Field” is about the system of art and the role of audience and the status of evil. Previously, I had written an article about the other performance of Mobed, “Come Caress Me!”. I explained why art, like science, is primarily a system with its ideological (legitimate) regulations.” The system of art in “Come Caress Me!” and “Field” legitimate actions which might be considered as evil outside. Like execution and stoning that are actually ways for torture outside this system. Attacking a country and/or terror is also considered legitimate as an act for national security or heroisms. Those who have participated in Mobed’s first work, and watched him hung in the second, and us, as the observers and guards, all have given up to the regulations. Cooperating with the system is not (just) passively obeying the power and its legitimacy, but confirming the system and its function. The one who obeys and the one who doesn’t, have both chosen to do such. Despite his previous work, many has chosen to disobey and many have chosen to attack and free him while many have obeyed like passive observers. In the previous work however, not a single person asked any questions. In this performance though, many cried and objected. I would not be mistaken if I claim they have learned to disobey in his previous works. I too disobeyed and left the security system after they have objected and cried at me.

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